Hongming (Chip) LI


Hello, I am Chip Li, a Ph.D. student in Educational Technology (EdTech) at the College of Education at the University of Florida (UF), working under the supervision of Dr. Anthony Botelho. I hope that my continued research in this academic field will help support the practice of technology and the future of education. 

I have completed two Master of Science degrees in Education: one at Johns Hopkins University, where I focused on exploring the combination of digital age technology and education, and the other at the University of Southampton (UK), where my studies concentrated on educational theory and practical research methods. Before this, I earned my Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education from the Capital Normal University (Beijing, China), with a focus on the intersection of linguistics and education. As an educator, I have served as both a teaching assistant and a research assistant, and I have taught in both urban and rural elementary schools in China. 

Research Interests

With over seven years immersed in educational research, I have cultivated an abiding fascination with the intersection of education and technology. Even as technology becomes deeply embedded in modern society, its potential educational applications remain largely unexplored. My research interests focus on using technology to improve teaching methods and learning outcomes. Based on my current research, I am primarily interested in the following topics and look forward to any collaboration:

I aim to conduct pioneering studies that help shape the future of AI-enabled education, improve digital literacy and skills development, and expand access to personalized, high-quality learning experiences. Through rigorous research and imaginative thinking, I hope to open new frontiers in education that cultivate empowered, knowledgeable learners ready to make their mark. I am excited to connect with fellow scholars and practitioners who share my passion for education, technology, and entrepreneurship. If you are interested in discussing any of these topics, please do not hesitate to contact me. I have provided multiple means of contact below and would be most appreciative of your kind consideration.